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September 9, 2013

Lay Leadership Training

This past week, Steve & Grant headed out on a ferry to pick up Pastor Toria and then drove on to Betioky for the Lay Leadership Training.
There have been 3 villages that Grant has worked in for the past 4 years that have faithful believers and are to the point of developing church.  2 leaders from each of these villages along with Pastor Michele and Pastor Toria were together for this 3 day training.
 The trainings were from 8-6 daily and they taught through Romans and discussed life before (ancestor worship) and new life (through Christ alone) and how the two can not go together.  They then shared about how to share their faith, how to study the Bible, and Biblical examples of leadership. Grant taught the disciplines of a leader and the men were challenged to begin a new group using the ST4T process (what Grant & Steve have been using in the villages).  
This training was such a HUGE answer to prayer - the Wallers have been ministering among the Mahafaly for over 4 years now and to see this long awaited fruit being produced is rewarding.  We are grateful for how the Lord is working and are asking you to continue to pray as these men step up as leaders within the church.  Below is a picture from the village of Andremba - one of the villages represented at the meeting and recipients of one of the Audibibles.

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