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September 13, 2013

Five Minute Friday - MERCY

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Regret.  As soon as I open my mouth, I already feel it.  Running to His throne after I've yet again not held my tongue or my thoughts.  The tears come easily.  They run fast and rapid and I get so wrapped up in Who I am in front of, that the tongue that often gets me in trouble can't find any words to say.


I'm sorry.  A gentle & quiet spirit.  I know.  I REALLY do know...it's just so hard.  It's such a struggle for me.

Forgiveness?  True forgiveness?  Wiping the slate clean?  That slate that has to have been filled with millions of "I'm sorries", thousands of "I'll never do that again"?  Isn't your arm tired?  Aren't you tired of all the chalk dust that fills the air when you erase again and again?

Yet, there you go...not just wiping it clean but washing it...the slate, my heart...again not giving me what I so definitely deserve.  Consequences come what may and they often do...

I feel Your arms wrapped so tightly around me that it's almost odd at all of the relief and peace I feel as if I'm floating instead of being held.  You have a way that goes beyond what this small mind can imagine.



  1. This post is beautiful. I can almost feel the Saviors embrace as I read your words. Oh, how he loves us! I am visiting from five minute Friday.

    1. Oh, how much He loves us indeed! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the way you said this! I often try to imagine curling up in the lap of Jesus. It's like I can feel his arms, hear his whispers of unconditional love. Thank you for sharing! By the way, we are m's in Papua New Guinea, moved here from Fort Worth in 2009 after both receiving Master's degrees from SW. :) Small world ... nice to meet you! Sharon (stopping by from 5MF)

    1. - what a small world indeed! Good to hear from you!

  3. Your thoughts are really a blessing this morning. I know that feeling of regret and you describe the feeling of God extending His Mercy and forgiveness so vividly. Thank you.

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    Mary-andering Among the Pages


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