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August 22, 2014

Things are Changing

Years before we met, God was preparing our hearts for serving Him overseas.  Since 2010, the Lord has led us to have a deep burden for the Mahafaly people of SW Madagascar.  We have learned more than we could ever put into words about Madagascar, the Mahafaly people, and ourselves during the past three years.
IMB Appointment Service - Nov 2010

This past April, the Lord started preparing us for a change.  We weren't sure what that would look like and we each took turns being resistant to the idea of it.  However, when we were approached by leadership to take on another role on the island, we knew that this is what the Lord had been getting us ready for.  When we return in 2015 after our stateside, our new title will be - Engagement Strategist.  Our new home will be back where we did language school in 2011 - in Antsirabe.  Leadership felt that our individual and combined strengths would fit well into this position and we agree.

Our new focus will be on locating, mapping, researching, & assessing the lostness of the unreached people groups that have a population of 100,000 or less.  There are about 25 different groups all over the island.  Steve's main task will involve a good bit of travel to extremely hard to reach areas - after he finds out exactly where some people groups are located.  Once the groups are located, Steve will do research, prioritize, and seek out partners (local churches and/or US churches) to engage these groups.  I will be in charge of contacting & facilitating churches who are wanting to partner in reaching these different groups.  I will also be keeping partner churches up to date and organizing logistics of mission trips.  

We knew from the beginning that reaching the Mahafaly would never be something we would accomplish on our own or even with our teammates - that it would have to be a result of God moving through reproducing churches and nationals reaching nationals.  Just this past year we've watched God burden & move through 3 different church groups to go outside of their comfort zone and share the gospel.  The mindset of knowing that we can not do this on our own does not change going into this new position.  This could easily be a very overwhelming job but we serve a God who does not get overwhelmed.  He knows every person in every group and He desires for each of them to praise His name.  
Roberts Family - our church in Tulear - July 2014
Will you help that vision be a reality?  We will continue to need your prayers and encouragement.  We will need committed long term partnerships from churches & associations.  We will also need you to be faithful in giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  You, as a part of the body of Christ, play a VITAL role in reaching Madagascar for Christ.

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