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September 25, 2013

Dear Lyllian

Lyllian Abigail,
   You are such a gift.  Your daddy and I had no idea if we'd ever be given the opportunity to be mommy & daddy to TWO babies and yet here we are.  Sweet girl, you are a trooper & quite strong willed I'm thinking.  We have had an adventure already and you are not even out here in the world with us yet!  Your big sister is beyond ready (at least she thinks she is) to see you and I think you must be ready to see her.  However, we need you to stay right where you are for a few more months.  You have made sure that I have had more rest over the past few months than I knew was even possible - I guess you are getting me caught up for all the late nights and keeping up with my two girls in the days to come.
  We're not sure what each day will bring but we do know that His compassions never fail and that His mercies are new every morning.  I don't know what the Lord has in store for you baby girl, but I can promise you it is perfect and all for His glory.  There have been so many lifting you up before Him for the past 5 months and you are already blessed because of it.
  Any time there has been a worry or concern that has come into my heart, the Lord has given you the ability to kick or roll around - reassuring me that Perfect Love casts out all fear and that you are doing just fine in there...just perhaps a little bored and ready to see all these faces that talk & sing to you all the time.  Speaking of singing, your big sister has deemed "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as your favorite song.  She adores singing it to you and I think you are pretty fond of that time too.
 We can not wait to meet you.  To see those gorgeous eyes of yours, that Ryleigh thinks will be purple, and to bear witness to the marvelous creation that you are by our Father.  I wonder how different you will be, who you will favor, what kind of personality you will have because whatever type it is I have a feeling it will be a strong one.
 Sweet girl, if there is anything in the world I could tell you and want you to remember every day of your life it is that "the Lord is your portion".  He is all you need, all any of us need.  Right now as you are growing - it's because of Him and His ability as Creator.  When you join us in this world, He will remain as your All in All.  I promise you that I will do everything in my weakness & in His power to teach you that truth.  My prayer is that as you grow, you will come to know these truths and will come to know Him as your personal Savior.  There is not a thing in the world that would mean more to your mommy & daddy.  I know, from lots of experience, that I will make mistakes.  I will fail.  But, oh baby girl, He NEVER will.  His love endures forever, and to every extent that I have that same love within me - I will love you forever too.

Looking forward to January,

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