Where Would You Like To Go?

July 13, 2011

Tsena Sabotsy

Monday morning, Andy and Christina took us to the Tsena Sabotsy (Saturday market) that is actually open every day. It was huge with a wide variety of almost anything you were looking for, we actually came away with quite a few things we were looking for. Everywhere we went, everyone wanted to touch Ryleigh…sometimes we’d even have a crowd if we stopped too long at one place!

Entering into the market
Ladies and their booths

It was pretty cold, even in the aisles

Fruit & Meat

Precious children all over the place

Ryleigh enjoying the market


  1. So what did you buy? We want to see that too! =)

  2. I love this! Have you been brave enough to buy meat yet? Do they have "good" chicken? When we were in Kyrgyzstan, the chickens were TINY! Well, they had huge thighs, but the breasts were small.


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