Where Would You Like To Go?

December 10, 2010

Life via "the boot"

Having this boot has been quite the adventure...okay, maybe not so much!  However, with the help of my amazing husband, caring sister, fabulous family, and wonderful friends - it hasn't been as bad as it could be!!  I've actually been somewhat productive from this recliner and even managed to knock a few things off of my to do list - which gives me great pleasure!  With the help of those who love me - I even did some fun things!

Mom and Nanna spent the day cooking meals to freeze for when Ryleigh's here!  I think we have around 30 currently!

Anna threw an incredible baby shower!

I got to see my best friend from Meridian!

Went to see the Clinton Christmas parade (via a wheelchair to the amusement of my husband and our friends!)

and finished off with a teriffic church diaper and wipe shower!

So, even with a broken foot, I am blessed.  The Lord is faithful and it's all just been giving me more quiet time to spend with Him!  I'm guessing that my "quiet" time is about to get a little bit noiser in the weeks to come!!

December 2, 2010

You mean you didn't know?

That is the question the doctor walked in and asked me Tuesday.  You mean, you didn't know you broke your foot?   I thought she was kidding.  Unfortunately, not so much.  One of the bones on top of my right foot is broken.  She said she couldn't put me in a cast, due to the fact that I'm pregnant, so I have a nice, big, air cast boot to wear.  Fabulous, doesn't begin to describe it.  If only I had my camera to take pictures of the faces of everyone I passed as Steve wheeled me out of the clinic.  34 weeks pregnant, boot on the right foot, brace on the left (just a sprained ankle over on that side)...here's to a speedy recovery!

The story is not anything exciting - I fell off a sidewalk, while spending an evening with my sisters.  They both handled the whole situation gracefully and I'm thankful they were there to take care of me!  There were lots of tears and debates on the best way to get a 33 week pregnant woman off the ground while both of her feet were injured.  I'm sure if we went back and looked in on the situation, it may have even been comical.  A thank you also goes out to Anna and Jason - I may still be sitting in Alanna's car, wondering how to get inside if they had not come to help!
So, basically bed rest until my sweet baby girl arrives and technically until I can walk without a limp.  Doc says 12-16 weeks - joy of joys!  6 weeks until Ryleigh makes her debut...unless of couse she comes early.  I can already hear her one day saying, "Well, mom, if you had not have fallen when you were pregnant then ____" I'm sure it will be one of her favorite excuses.