Where Would You Like To Go?

Care Packages

Several of you have asked about sending packages...who are we to say no??

Steve Roberts
BP 43

601 Tulear (Toliara)

The most cost efficient way to send something is by using the flat rate boxes from your local post office.  It is a little pricey so grab a friend, family member, or small group to go in with you!  It takes 6-8 weeks for one to arrive, no matter what they may tell you at the post office.

Also, we've learned that packing "strategically" goes a long way in ensuring the items make it to us!  Packing items in old food boxes you have around your house and taping them back up seems to be working well (aka ziplock boxes, cracker/cookie boxes, etc.)  Using brightly colored tape (instead of the clear packing tape) on the outside of the flat rate boxes seems to deter people from opening them before they arrive here!

And if you need filler items for extra space in your box feel free to toss in some garbage bags and ziplocks (they're pretty pricey here!)
We love surprises but if you need some ideas for what to send...
Baby Wipes
Scented Hand Soaps (Bath & Body Works)
Graduate Toddler or Toddler 2+ meals
Bottles of Dr Pepper, Mt Dew, or Barq's Root Beer
"Jack Packs" - they are cheese/pretzels/beef jerky (for bush trips)
Parmasean Cheese
Muffin Mixes
Any type of boxed potatoes - instant, scalloped, etc.
Mild Rotel
Hidden Valley Ranch (bottled)
OCharley's Honey Mustard
OCharleys/Ken's Steakhouse 1000 island
Brownie mixes
Any dessert/cake/cookie mixes