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September 1, 2013

Prayers Please!

Grant and Steve are headed out today to pick up a national pastor, and then will be staying in Betioky for the remainder of the week.  They are leading a Lay Leadership Training with 2 leaders from each of the villages that currently have believers.  The guys & 2 national pastors will be teaching through Romans and the qualifications of a Christian leader.  There will be difficult subjects such as leaving behind old customs (ancestor worship & sacrifice) and teaching Bible stories with others outside of their own villages.  The guys will be able to equip them with an AudiBible that contains the Bible stories in their own dialect - an extremely helpful tool (be on the lookout for a blog later this week with more information on these!) - and pray over them.
This is an exciting week in regards to bush ministry and church planting among the Mahafaly, please lift all of them up as they are in Betioky this week!

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