Where Would You Like To Go?

July 31, 2011


pronouced (Ahn - dree -ah - mahn-ee-tr) -
 it's the Malagasy word for God...
you think that's a long word -
you should see some of the others! 

Anyone want to take a stab at what the literal translation is??

Hmmm - close...

Can't figure it out?
How about "the prince who smells good"??

Yes - we're serious!  However true that might be - you have to admit it's funny.
Enjoy your laugh for today!!

July 29, 2011

Language School

Saloma! Inona no vao vao?
Hello! What's new?

We have completed our 1st week of language school! WHOO HOO!  The past week has been dizzying to say the least.  English grammer rules are thrown out the window (you might laugh, but this is hard for a school teacher!) and the Malagasy ones have to be learned.  There are 21 letters in their alphabet - all look the same as ours but some are pronouced very differently.  The hardest part for me (Nickolee) is learning to roll my r's it makes me laugh every single time - and you might laugh if you heard me trying!  God is faithful and He is preparing our hearts, minds, and tongues to be fluent in this language.  Your prayers are being answered and we definitely want them to continue!  Here's a glimpse into what school looks like ~
Steve and I meet with Madame Lalao from 9-12 every morning... 
her chalkboard...
then we practice with her son Andrew from 12 -1...
Ryleigh enjoys playing outside and in her room with Onie...
We're headed out now to go practice what we've learned!
Veloma mandra pihoana!
Good-bye see you later!

July 28, 2011

A Sunday Service

This past Sunday - we recorded some bits and pieces of the service - so that you could hear what we are hearing...and don't worry - you understand it as well as we do right now!! Language has started this week though - so hopefully we'll start to understand the Malagasy language soon!! Please pray for ears to hear and minds to understand!

July 27, 2011

A Quick Glimpse

We have internet at home now - YEAH!!  So that means uploading videos and pictures can happen much faster (well maybe) :)  here's a glimpse into what the market looks and sounds like...

July 26, 2011

A Hike Around Crater Lake

The Wallers (our supervisors) made it back to Madagascar on Sunday night.  Tuesday, they began the drive down to Tulear and stopped in Antsirabe to hang out with us for a little while!  Tessa was also with them (another member of the Southwest Mada team)- I thought I had a team pic that I was going to put here but it must be on Jodie's camera!! -  we were blessed to be in their company for a few days!

Wednesday was spent driving to Crater Lake and taking a hike!
There were parts that were pretty steep and a little scary...but look at the view!!
Ryleigh was such a fantastic girl - as always :)
It was quite breathtaking...
All the hiking wore Ryleigh out though!!

July 24, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday!!

Happy 21st Birthday Chesney!!
We hope you are enjoying your last day in Malaysia!
We love you and are praying for your safety in traveling home!
Heart belongs to Christ
Excellent at getting rest
Sincere in all she does
Not available (your welcome Casey)
Exceptional Aunt
Yearns to please Him
All 3 of us have bdays in July and it might be one of the 1st times we haven't all been together to celebrate atleast one of them!  I miss you both and am so thankful for the relationship we have as Tedder sisters - but even more grateful for the fact that we are sisters in Christ!!
You are 2 beautiful women who love Him and I love you for that!!

July 23, 2011

Have we told you lately??

How thankful we are for each of you???
Without each of your prayers we would not be adjusting so well in our new home. 
This scenery is beyond beautiful - yet there are so many who do not know the One who created it.  Thank you for lifting us up - for going to battle on our behalf - it means more than words can say.
Language study begins on Monday!!

July 22, 2011

When Dad's not around....

When dad's not around and it's just me and momma - I love playing in my walker...
there's always something interesting to figure out and it keeps me pretty busy...
but, as soon as dad comes in...
it's no longer so interesting :)

July 21, 2011

Meet Nala

Meet Nala
 Yes - as in Lion King :) I figured we are in Africa - so why not??
We got her on Tuesday night.  She's a 2 month old English Lab.
Ryleigh loved seeing her from far away -
but is still getting used to the up close part!

July 20, 2011

Birthday Wishes Do Come True

Okay...so I can't promise that I always wished for it on my birthday - but for as far back as I can remember I've wanted to be somewhere in Africa.  Actually - I don't remember particularly thinking about waking up there on my birthday BUT it was pretty amazing to do so today.  The Lord is faithful to give us the desire of our hearts - when our hearts are His and filled with His desires for our lives!  I fall so short of all He wants me to be but I do know that this desire is from Him and I'm loving being a part of that fulfillment!!
My 26th bday celebration started back in the states...
Steve's parents surprised me with an ice cream cake and family party...
We had a family get together in Meridian too - it's been called a "CAN" party over the years...because Chesney, Alanna, and Nickolee all have bdays in July - but as you can tell - Ryleigh always turns into the center of attention :)
I woke up this morning to my beautiful baby girl, in the arms of her handsome daddy, holding out a precious handmade card for her momma :)

and Steve bought me a new Bible before we left and surprised me this morning with a handcrafted Madagascar nativity (I decided a long time ago I'd like to find one from every country I visit) isn't he thoughtful?  He knows me so well!
I also had a bag of gifts from my momma and daddy-Ryleigh throughly enjoyed the wrapping!!
We got to skype with Mom, Dad, Alanna, Nanna & Pop, and Karen - then Steve and Ryleigh took me to lunch at Zandinas
this afternoon I recieved a call from Chesney and then the Wallers and Tessa came to Antsirabe on their way home to Tulear.  We all went out to dinner and the girls gave me this beautiful scarf!
Getting online was also such a blessing to read all of your "happy bday" emails and posts!  It was an absolutly fantastic birthday!

July 19, 2011

Homeade Baby Food

1st attempt at homeade baby food -

She loved her carrots!!  Success!!

July 18, 2011

A Saturday Drive

We decided to venture off the paved road this past Saturday - just to see what we found...here's a glimpse!

I'm a Big Girl!!

Look what I can do!!
Still a little wobbly at times...
 but overall pretty good!!

July 17, 2011

Our house in Antsirabe

We are so grateful for the beautiful home we are living in while in language school.  We'll be here until February(ish)...here's a few pictures -
when you pull up...
inside our gate...
our backyard...

back of the house...

I'll post pictures of the inside when we have it a little more pulled together!!

July 16, 2011


These pictures are not posed...my baby girl loves her books :)
she must take after her momma
although on occassion she would rather eat them...

An Unexpected Blessing

We knew there would be a grocery store in the capital (16 hours from where we'll ultimately be). We did NOT know there was one in Antsirabe (where we are for language - 13 hours from where we'll ultimately be) - it has been quite the unexpected blessing!!

some things look similar...but we do have to bleach them 1st...
some things look a little different...
milk - on a shelf???

 eggs on a shelf???

don't worry Mr.Billy - we're still supporting Kellogg - even in Mada :)
(Steve's dad works for them)
and for all of those non believers out there - in case the homeade baby food doesn't work out - I still have options!!
and some things look a little similar and a little different ...

I must admit it's been nice to have a small step down instead of going from Kroger to only a market!!