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April 14, 2014

Lyllian - 4 months

Miss Lyllian, 
4 months old already?  Time is flying by so fast!  You are such a happy and laid back baby girl.  This past month you have grown up so much.  You can find your thumb now and love to suck on it or anything else near your mouth - except a pacifier!  
We have found a schedule together that seems to work quite well.  You are eating every 3 - 3 1/2 hours during the day and are consistently taking 1 1/2 - 2 hour naps each cycle.  Your routine at night has been a bit different than your sister's was but we are figuring it out!  This past month you eat at 7, are asleep by 7:30 and wake up only once to eat in the night around 3:30am, then it's sleeping again until 7 in the morning.  Being on a schedule has made our days & nights much more enjoyable!!
You enjoy being propped up, playing on your playmat, talking to anyone, being talked to, and have recently decided you like looking at books.  You love when your sister sings to you and your eyes light up when you hear our voices.  You are an excellent traveler and do well in your car seat.  You are an expert at kicking your socks off and you are happiest when we help you "stand" up.
You weigh 13lbs 6oz and are 24 3/4 in long!  Your acid reflux has calmed down a good bit this month and for that we are thankful!  The small hole in your heart has closed up but the cardiologist did find a small PDA at your last appointment.  He said that we just need to monitor it and we'll check on it again when we go to the States in the Fall.
Ryleigh has started calling you "boogie boo" and always asks to kiss you.  She loves it when you come with me to wake her up in the mornings or after nap time.  When you are crying, Ryleigh says, "let me talk to her, I can make her happy" and most of the time she is right.
Lyllian Abigail, I so love our cuddle times together and am so grateful for the opportunity to be your momma.  I love you so!

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