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April 9, 2014

Apes, Lemurs, & Meerkats

The day started off quite beautifully.  It was cool and cloudy - a fantastic day to spend with some of our best friends at the zoo.  We were quite excited about the day because although we live day in & day out with the Wallers - it was our first time for our families to spend an entire day doing something "1st world" together.  The kiddos were super pumped about being there and were talking non stop.  
After about 30 minutes of making our way through the monkeys, we came up on the meerkat exhibit. There were rocks all around about chest high on Ryleigh, but there was also a small step to stand on to see better.  She grabbed the rock ledge and pulled herself up so she could have a better view.  As soon as she did, the meerkat thought her fingers were going to be his breakfast.  A quick chomp on her pointer finger and our day took a different turn than we had anticipated.  
Steve found first aid and we soon realized we'd need to get to the ER because of how deep the cut was & to wash it out well.  Our family loaded up and headed that way.  We were grateful for English speaking docters who knew what to do and how to do it quickly.  5 stitches later, we grabbed some antibiotics and pain meds and were on our way.
She is doing well, and we'll return to the hospital to remove the stitches next week.  We are praising the Lord that the meerkats were up to date on all of their vaccinations and so was Ryleigh!
Ryleigh says that she still wants to go back to the zoo to see the zebras, giraffees, & elephants but she is only going to wave at the meerkats!

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