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April 10, 2014

God of the Nations

He is the God of the nations.  He offers salvation to everyone who believes in His son Jesus Christ and admits that they are a sinner.  He GIVES it - FREELY.

That's why we're here right?  I don't mean just my family being in Madagascar - I mean all of us.  That's why we're on this earth...to glorify Him and to make disciples of all nations...that's including America by the way.  We are each in the place He has called us to - to make His name known.
I can get really caught up in how much the Mahafaly need Him.  They need to know.  They need His salvation.  They need His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, redemption, and the list could go on.  My heart could almost burst out of the passion I have to tell them, to let them know about the Creator who created all of the many things they worship/serve/have allegiance to.

There's nothing wrong with that, per say...however, I have moments (days/weeks) where I can easily forget how much I NEED Him.  How much I NEED His salvation, His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, redemption...
That the God of the nations is my God.  I belong to Him.  I am a reason He sent His son to die.  Just because I have been gifted with the grace to know Him personally for 24 years...
I still need Him daily.  
I'm in a season right now where He is reminding me of this in brand new ways.  He's showing me, albeit painfully, that I am in desperate need of Him to live every single day.  I can not do it on my own.  I need His mercies to be new every single morning and He graciously provides them.  

Without my Rock, I can not stand.  
Without my Anchor, I drift in the storms.  
Without my Joy, I lose sight of the gifts.  
Without my Peace, I am restless.
Glory be to Him that I am never truly "without" Him.  He will not leave or forsake me...but I can lose focus.  I can have a prideful heart.  I can be so deep in sin that I can not even hear His Spirit clearly.  I can also have Bible verse after Bible verse written on my heart but it still be so easy to believe the lies of the Enemy.  This life is hard.  There are difficult times.  There are wildernesses we walk through...however, He says to "take heart and be of good courage".  
Praising Him in the midst of trials and in the midst of joys - be encouraged today no matter where you are in your walk.  
Remember that He WILL be glorified.  
He already has the victory - and if you are His child, we will too.

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