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April 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Writer

Now, it’s time to write.
We call it Five Minute Friday. Where everyone writes for five, unedited minutes all on the same prompt. This week, that prompt is the challenge itself, the dare, the calling, the passion.
This week’s prompt is “WRITER.”

follower of Jesus.
worship lover.

all descriptors of me.  all things i enjoy being and am proud to identify myself as such.  i long for "writer" to make the list...to make the cut.  for these words that literally pour from my heart to be able to pour into someone else's.  for Him to use them to glorify Himself.  for this story that He is the Author of to make it onto pages that will lead others to the foot of the cross. 
to write with abandon and vulnerability...to accept the messiness of wadded up pages and typos in everyday life.  to show everyone that writer or not we're all a part of the same Story and so often we are or have been on exactly the same page.  it's scary to think we're sometimes on a page that no one else has been on and that no one else may ever know that it even exisits.  it's comforting to know that each word, each paragraph, each page...they can all be compiled into something magnificent - something beyond our comprehension.  so i'll keep on typing.  i'll keep on sharing.  i'll keep on focusing my eyes on Him - taking His lead on what my story will be and hopefully encouraging others to remember to do the same.



  1. Lovely. Thanks for your honest brave. And I hope and pray for continued writerly brave in His story. --An FMF neighbor

  2. SO much of what you wrote resonates. Sometimes it is really scary. And lonely. And you feel so inadequate. But I really think that's where He's most glorified sometimes. Keep sharing the messiness!


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