Where Would You Like To Go?

April 26, 2014


never again do I desire to be content or satisfied - apart from His unfailing love.

will every day be either a mountain top or a valley?  absolutely not...but everyday can be and is a part of the journey - the key is in recognizing it.  the journey to be more like Christ - the dark days, the bright days, the dimly lit days, and the fun disco ball days - they all play a part if we let them...if we are looking for the Truths He is trying to teach us.  He's done the seeking, He has sought us out to be His children and we have so much to learn...every moment.

there is a scariness that comes with knowing you are in a valley, in a pit, in a not so pleasant place - but i'm learning that it's also quite an amazing place to be - because you become desperate.  
i'm desperate in a way that i haven't quite known before.
i have a hunger for His truth in a new way and i don't want that hunger to ever become satisfied again.
living inside of every moment - trying to breathe deeply and see the gift that He gives us in the ordinary, every day, routineness of our lives...that is living fully.  slowing down has a way of expanding the time we have...making sure that we are grateful for it...making sure we see His glory in it.  Being aware that I desperately need His salvation to walk through each & every day is a truly incredible thing and it's something that I am praying that I now never lose sight of.

I desire to see Him in all that He has created...all that He has given.

He is Immanuel - God with us.  He. is. here.

the joy in hearing a new book read aloud
the tears that fall for no explainable reason
the tiny hands grasping for a strand of hair to hold
the lyrics to a new song being sung
the shrieks of happiness as she rides on his shoulders
the sorrow that comes from recognizing a loss
the chasing after bubbles being blown
the way the sunlight glints between the trees
the mourning of the way we imagined things would be
the delightful smile sandwiched between two dirt streaked cheeks

the swinging on a swing higher and higher
the way he holds my hand as we walk
the roses that are in full bloom
the color that is rich in the world around us

He is Immanuel - God with us.  He. is. here.

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