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April 28, 2014

Deep Breath

It's odd being away from Mada for so long.  I know we're here for a good reason and that I'm getting better but it's still hard.  It's strange to be in yet another "home" that isn't really our home.  Our mission family here has been fantastic.  They are gracious and generous people who love the Lord and have in turn loved on us...but we miss Tulear.  Our hearts ache to be back even while we are throughly enjoying the cold weather!  

Today I am grateful for His calling.  I am overwhelmed with the magnificence of His plan and that He desires to use each of us to fulfill it.  I am in awe that His message is the same for each of us and that it will never change. 

We are loved.
We have hope.
His mercy will never end.
No matter what we have done.
We are LOVED.

My heart is overflowing and it just seems that this chicka has a song for everything I've been feeling these past few weeks...check it out.

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