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February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - Newlywed Game

My friend Joy, over at The Sowell Life, sent me the info for a fun Vday post!  So here's our blog version of  The Newlywed Game!

Where was your first date?

{MR}Ihop (this was actually the night we “remet”-sidenote from the MRS)

{MRS} Red Lobster in Meridian

Where was your first kiss?

{MR}on the couch at Nickolee’s house

{MRS}my parent’s living room

Who said "I Love You, first"?

{MR}I did

{MRS}he did of course!
Which of the following breakfast cereals best describes your wife's family's opinion of you when they first met you? Crazy Flakes, Just Right, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, or Fruit Loops?

{MR}Lucky Charms – because I’m lucky to have their daughter

{MRS}Just Right – my mom had always told me that the right guy would make time to see me however he could and she saw that he was doing that

Your wife is waiting at the doctor's office. Which magazine will she read? Good Housekeeping, People, Glamour, or Coastal Living?

{MR}People – b/c she likes knowing random info

{MRS}People – I love the pictures ;)

If your wife were ordering drinks at a restaurant for dinner for both of you, what would sheorder?

{MR}Mada – coke  USA – if there’s good sweet tea – this for both, otherwise Dr Pepper

{MRS} Mada – coke bevata (large coke) USA – dr pepper (Mr) sweet tea or strawberry lemonade (Mrs)

Which of these does your husband have the most of: sense of humor, sense of time, or sense of adventure?

{MR}sense of time

{MRS} whichever I’m in the most need of that day – he’s very considerate

What is your husband's ultimate favorite movie?


{MRS}Gladiator, Braveheart, Gladiator,  Braveheart

Which one of you hogs the bed covers at night?

{MR}she does

{MRS}he does
Who is better at handling money?

{MR} she is

{MRS}it’s something we both do pretty well
If you could have a second honeymoon, where would your wife want you to take her?


{MRS} dream? Holy Land   reality? New York or on a cruise

What is the messiest room in your house?

{MR}Ryleigh’s room

{MRS}Ryleigh’s room

What did you have for dinner the night you got married?


{MRS}leftovers from our reception and a 1am Whataburger run ;)

Which of the following Valentine's Gifts would your wife prefer the most: a beautiful bouquet of two dozen red roses, you offering to clean the house for a month, or a one hour massage given by you?

{MR} massage

{MRS}1 hour massage from him

Who is the most patient in your marriage?

{MR} she is

{MRS} there’s no contest – he is! 

What is your husband's favorite breakfast food?

{MR} French toast or Sonic’s breakfast burrito

{MRS}his momma’s chocolate gravy or French toast

On average, how long does it take your wife to get ready to go out?

{MR}Mada – 20 minutes, USA – 30 minutes

{MRS}Mada – 10 minutes, USA – 30 minutes

If you husband could only have one of the following desserts, which would he choose: cheesecake, apple pie, ice cream, chocolate pie?

{MR}ice cream

{MRS} ice cream  ummm... chocolate pie

Who gets along better with the in-laws?

{MR}we both do

{MRS} I think we’re both really blessed with great relationships
Who was the first person you told about your engagement?

{MR}her parents

{MRS} my parents

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  1. I LOVE the answers!!! Happy Valentine's Day to two of God's faithful servants! Enjoy your day together, and be sure to give Ryleigh lots of kisses!!! And thanks for linking up!!


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