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February 5, 2013

Down to My Toes

Linking up with Joy today because I really liked her post, My Happy,  and thought I'd do one in a similar fashion!
The things that make me smile all the way down to my toes...
~ waking up to the love of my life
~ sweet, quiet, early morning times with my Father
~ hearing my baby girl sing songs about Jesus
~ skype times with our family
~ snail mail from friends back at home
~ singing a worship song in Malagasy
~ packages
~ encouraging words that were unexpected

~ using my scentsy warmer from my Momma
~ being understood when speaking and understanding Malagasy
~ Ryleigh asking to pray for someone who is sick or hurt
~ date nights with Steve
~ watching Steve and Ryleigh dance, laugh, play, & read her Bible together

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  1. I love your happies!! It's always good to note the small things that make us so happy throughout our days and nights!


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