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February 5, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho

it's off to the bush they go...
Steve, Nathan, Doug, & the Smiths are headed to Mahafaly Land for an extended bush trip today.  They'll be sharing stories in Besatra, Kilimary, Tanantsoa, & Andremba.  The Smiths will be working on some Community Development surveys for Kilimary and Andremba. 
Please be praying...
 over their safety as they travel over rough roads that have recently gotten rain
for the new CEIM pastor - Michele & his family
that deep relationships would form with Michele's family
for the villagers to have ears to hear the truths that are being shared
for wisdom to be gained through Community Development surveys
for the believers in Andremba & Tanantsoa as they prepare for baptisim
for our team's health as they are out

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