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February 1, 2013

The Friday Five

I'm linking up today with my friend, Joy Sowell, and her Friday Five!
Here's a glimpse into our week!
1.  This week we have been thankful to see skies like these on occasion - such a rarity here in Tulear!


2. Tuesday was spent working on a new Bible study I'm starting with Lusika on Tuesday - my mind was tired about 10 minutes into it but about that time Ryleigh decided she needed to sit at the table to work with me and that made it more fun!
3. On Wednesday, we were able to enjoy a night at our friends - the Smith's - house for dinner and a game of Sequence.  We are grateful for their friendship and dinner was delicious!
So...this pic is from our day at the beach but it works!
4. Thursday was spent at the beach with our awesome team - not a cloud in sight!  It was a beautiful day and Ryleigh got to fly her 1st kite thanks to some help from Emma!
5. Friday (after a random "non meeting" day on Wednesday) we were able to teach at the deaf school and share a fun Christmas activity from some thoughtful ladies at Midway Baptist!


  1. Sounds like a perfect week!!! Thanks so much for linking up... don't forget to add your link at the bottom of my post! And btw, little Ryleigh flying that kite is priceless!!! Hope y'all have a fun filled family weekend!! Love you!

  2. i LOVE your Friday Five - I think I want to start doing this :)
    i am so thankful for you, and I feel so honored to make it onto this list!!


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