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July 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

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"Take a deep breath...good.  Now let it go."

This is something I find frequently coming from my lips to my three year old.  It helps her calm down, whether she is upset or if she's just talking too fast for me to understand her.

Exhaling brings calm...brings a moment of peace.

There is something about breathing out that helps you gain your bearings...helps bring focus to what you're doing.

Breathing in and breathing out - a part of life - it essentially is a definition of life itself.

Desiring this year to not take those daily moments for granted.  To breathe Him in and exhale His goodness, love, mercy, grace, & forgiveness to all who are around me...that is what our Life should be.

He brings calm to my soul and to those around me when I choose to exhale His truths over my husband, children, and friends.

He brings peace, focus, & LIFE to me when I am aware and I focus on breathing Him in...

in the small gifts,
in the big moments,
in the common days,
in the hard trials...

He is the One who makes it possible to exhale...

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  1. Love your words. I often tell my kids that too, and so often I need to remember it for myself. Thanks, and happy to find you this morning on FMF


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