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July 23, 2014

Traveling East

This past Monday, Steve headed out to Mahafaly Land.  On Thursday, he and two of his national friends will make the journey east, deeper into Mahafaly Land, to locate and map new villages.  Please pray that even in these beginning stages, a person of peace may be present.  Pray for safety over Steve, Michel, and Nadison.
Can I also ask your prayers over the girls and me?  It seems that if someone is going to get sick, run a fever, or if the washing machine is going to break - it'll be when Steve's in the bush.  Pray that we have a healthy and sweet time of just us girls?  Pray also for Ryleigh.  She is starting to ask more and more questions when Steve leaves for the bush.  Pray that this would be used as an open door to expose her to even more of the gospel and her need for the Savior.

Looking forward to writing a post about his adventures once he returns!

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