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July 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Finish

A sigh of relief.
the paper, the race, the exam, the project, the lesson, the work day, the school year, and the list could go on...
But are we really ever finished?
is anything ever truly done?
Or perhaps it's simply a transition into whatever is going to happen next -
as soon as you take a deep breath, it's time to dig in and go at it again
the cycle of life
Paul says that "he fought the good fight and finished the race"
to finish the race, isn't a one day event.
it's not a bumper sticker or a tshirt proudly proclaming your mileage completed
(although you do have my utmost respect and admiration)
it's the minute by minute, day by day, walking in faith
and when your race is finished...guess what?
it's actually only the beginning.


  1. Hi Nickolee!

    Just popping in from the FMF linkup. Thanks for the reminder that the race isn't a quick, short term event but takes time. I loved the idea that when the race ends, it's actually the beginning for something else.

    Blessings :)

  2. Hey #FMF neighbour!
    Your post is so true! We're never really done, as long as we're still alive there's always work to do. I'm only just learning this now, and I hope I never forget this lesson. I still have a lot of life to live. Thanks for writing :-)!

  3. Oh, and you have a very beautiful family!

  4. you are right. its time "dig into" something else...even if its learning how to rest. always something new...i wonder if that is what Heaven will be like...riding new tides, discovering new beauty and wonder alongside Jesus all eternity long.


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