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July 14, 2014

Lyllian Abigail - 7 months

Miss Lyllian ~
   Has it really been 7 months already?!?  I still think of you as my little bitty baby but you have grown quite a bit since the day you came into the world.  This month you are 27 1/3 inches (82%) and weigh 16 lbs (35%).
You have found your toes and if you are on your back then your feet are up in the air.  You have started holding your balance while sitting up and you think it's a lot of fun!  Chewing on almost anything makes you happy but your favorite is Sophie the giraffe.
The only baby food you care about is rice cereal and avacados.  You have spit out everything else on multiple occassions.  This past week we tried out some teething crackers and puffs and you did enjoy feeding yourself once you got the hang of it.
Your daddy says that you said "ma" the other day and reached out to me...I heard you but I'm not sure if it counts as your first word or not.  You do jibber jabber all the time though.  I think you might give your big sister a run for her money one day!
Speaking of Ryleigh, the two of you adore one another.  I cherish those moments.  She loves reading to you and you are absolutely enthralled with her no matter what she's doing.  When she leaves a room, you will stare at the door because you don't want to miss her coming back in.
You are learning to scoot and you laugh when you push up on your arms and knees.  This month, you've had more hair growth than ever before and there's even enough to stick up a little on top of your head.  You are still one of the happiest babies I've ever seen and you love to laugh.  I love your deep blue eyes and the way they light up when your daddy, Ryleigh, or I come into a room.
My favorite thing is how you will reach out for whoever you want to get you.  You giggle at them and will cry if they don't pick you up immediately after you've "asked".  This month, you have started interacting with family during skype calls and of course they are loving that!
Ever so grateful to be your mommy sweet girl - I love you!

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