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July 11, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Belong

Lisa Jo Baker FMF
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It's hard to remember all the rules.

To remember where it's okay to sit and what clothes you're supposed to wear.

The music leader just reminded us to "come as you are" but I'm not so sure...
last time I did that I remember
the sideways glances, the whispered words, the obvious distaste...

Isn't this the place I should belong?

It's not how I imagined the arms of Christ looking,
instead of reaching out, they are busy protecting their circles - their comfort zone.
The words that I thought would be kind and encouraging sound more like comparison & pride.

There were some who smiled at me and shook my hand when it was time to...but they're the same ones who pretended they didn't see me as they made their normal Sunday lunch plans and hurried out the doors.

I just want to belong and I remember someone telling me once that the body of Christ was a place anyone could belong...I guess that doesn't include me.


*This is not written due to a personal experience - unfortunately, I wonder how many times I've been the cause of such thoughts to visitors in our church and people that the Lord has put in my path as I've gone about my day.  May we all take time today to extend the love, grace, mercy, & forgiveness that we have been shown through Christ.

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  1. My friend, I so feel this though. I have pondered this and it makes my heart ache because so often this is the case. I have listened to a number of wounded believers, I have seen the carnage. It is good for us to keep our arms open, stand in our circles facing outward , ready to welcome. A good reminder.


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