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July 9, 2014

Falling Apart

Last week, I read this amazing post about the possibility of falling apart on the mission field.  The truths resonated so much within my soul.  I shared the blog via facebook and one of my sweet friends who is an avid prayer warrior commented on it.  This lady was one that I taught alongside while Steve was in seminary and I admire her more than she knows.  She simply said "We all need to fall apart".  

Those six words have stuck with me.  How true that is.

We all need to fall apart.

Falling apart is essential for us to ever be held together.

For me, falling apart happened 1000s of miles away from all that was familiar.  But that's not the case for everyone.  But I do think we all tend to fall apart in our own mission fields...wherever that may be. 

The mission field that HE has called us to...
the place where all that we thought we knew doesn't matter anymore  
the place where we are stripped down
the place where we have more questions than answers
the place where surrender is our only survivable option

Until we become nothing, He can't be our everything.  

Demolishing our pride and self sufficiency is required for all of the pieces of our lives to fall apart.  When all we have are ashes, He turns us into something beautiful, holy, righteous, glowing with His glory.

He holds us together. 

He rebuilds, reshapes, remolds, replenishes, remakes, reforms
until we begin to realize how much we look like His radiant bride.

Rather than being afraid that we might fall apart...perhaps we should be praying that we do.

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