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August 6, 2014

Not Home Yet

I've written about being homesick before and there are times when something specifically makes me long to be with Jesus face to face for eternity.  

But, if I'm completely honest, I don't always feel that way.  The idea of it sounds lovely, but so does going home to see our family, finally achieving fluency in Malagasy, watching our girls grow up, and other things that are only going to happen if we stay on this earth for a while longer.  As I type that, I realize that actually I have no idea if those things will ever happen.  I like to think that they will, but they're just as likely not to.  Which is yet another reason why I should only hope in what I know will not change and that is eternal life with Christ.  Our eternal home is a guarantee.

A friend of mine who has met her prince charming and will be wed later this year challenges me without her even being aware.  She obviously has a great deal to look forward to but even in this season she still had a FB post recently that said "Lord Jesus come soon!" and I know she meant it.  She eagerly looks forward to what the Lord has in store for her here on this earth but her focus is clear - she anticipates the day when she can walk to her Heavenly Groom more than anticipating her wedding day.  As a woman - that's huge to me...it speaks volumes.  

Does my daily life reflect that?  Longing to be home more than I long to be a part of what I consider milestones here on this earth?  I am forever grateful for what the Lord has chosen to give in this life but I desire to value more what He has given me for eternity.  Grateful that this is indeed not where I belong and no matter where I may travel on this globe, I am indeed not home yet!

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