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August 15, 2014

5 on Friday

Sadly, Lisa Jo is no longer doing her Five Minute Friday and since I've been a bit absent on the blog this week, I thought I'd catch you up with a quick 5 on Friday.
1. Steve started off the week being diagnosed with Typhoid.  After lots of prayers and some antibiotics, he is recovering but he's still not well.  Please continue to lift up his health as well as for the rest of us to stay healthy!

2. Southbridge has a mission team here this week and we're hosting Nathan & Tessa (former journeyman and ISC here in Tulear).  We are definitely enjoying having them around again!!

3. Ryleigh is such a big helper!  This week she's helped make a cake, English Muffins, and mashed potatoes.  She's also started helping feed Lyllian her solid foods - it's so much fun to have her helping with different things!

4. Lyllian turned 8 months old yesterday - time is flying by! This morning she figured out how to pull herself up in her pack & play and she is loving it!

5. We are figuring out it's pretty difficult to figure out what needs to be in our allotted carry ons for the trip to the US in a few weeks.  It's a little overwhelming thinking about packing for 2 little ones for a new place to be "home" for 6 months...but I'm sure we'll figure it all out!  And anything we forget...well that's what grandparents are for - right?!?!?!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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