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August 5, 2014

Village Updates

Steve and Grant have been taking trips down all throughout the winter here and often have hit setbacks of villages not being able to meet.  However, we still wanted you to know some big overviews of what's going on and how you can be praying!  Below you will find Grant's latest update on what's been going on in the three villages where there are baptized believers...

Kilimary:  Despite a constant battle with cattle thieves, the believers in this village continue to grow in their faith and spread the Gospel.  They have been consistently leading Bible study in the nearby village of Andohasatra each Saturday, and on Sundays the villagers from Andohasatra have been coming to Kilimary for worship!  Kilimary is excited for the rains to come so they can baptize the new believers!

Besatra:  They continue to struggle with divisions and disagreements within the church.  This is often complicated by the fact that the church leader is also the village leader…making it difficult for the believers to come to an agreement.  After several good Bible studies on church unity this month, we are anxious to see how the believers put what they are learning into practice. 

Andremba:  Andremba has hired military to protect them from the ever-worsening cattle thieves in the region.  Although these guards have given them some relief from this threat, food security is becoming an issue for Andremba because of locust damage and late rains.  The believers continue to meet weekly.  We continue teaching on the importance of evangelism.  They have been sharing their faith in and around the village of Andremba, but are now ready to go to a new village with the Good News.

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