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August 4, 2014

His Story

I've been working on a short video to use while we are on STATS to give everyone a glimpse into our life and ministry here.  As I've been compiling pictures and videos clips - something continually stands out to me.

This has nothing to do with us.
I think I had this image in my head that in essence the Malagasy people would be waiting on us to arrive a little over 3 years ago.  That they would be so thrilled we had come to share with them the good news of Jesus that they would hang onto every word we spoke.

A bit more self absorbed than you thought?
 Guilty.  I know.

The people here have been welcoming for the most part, and they are eager to hear about Jesus...but they weren't waiting on us.  They weren't marking down their calendars for the day that we would arrive in the same way we were counting down the days until we did.  They were living life.  They still are.  They have no idea that something is missing (unless the Lord has moved in their hearts) and are overall content with their ancestor worship and sacrifices.  After all, it's seemed to work for centuries as far as they know.

God is so incredible.
I mean - He just is.  Here's the deal, if they had been waiting on us - they would have thought His salvation was because of us.  Oh my.  It's not.  Not even in the most minuscule way.  The only part we play is in sharing what He has already done and is doing in our lives.

It's His story.  Not ours.

The Bible that we're here to share stories from...it's simply & amazingly intricately just that.  It's other people's stories of how God has moved, how the Savior has changed their lives.

Once again His story.

So, no - there was no parade or crowds of people eagerly awaiting our plane to land because they heard we were bringing the Good News.  But, they have been waiting.  Their spirits yearn to know why they were created.  There are gaps, missing pieces, that they are aware don't quite fit together.  There's the stories that were passed down from generation to generation that just don't seem to make sense.
They aren't waiting for us - but they are waiting on a Savior.  They are eager to learn about the One who created all things and desires to create a new life in them.
And you know something I've learned?  He speaks and moves as He sees fit because...

He is waiting.

Oh, He is waiting with open arms to all who are lost and wandering.  He is awaiting the moment when they step into His marvelous light and declare His name above every other name.

He is waiting to make their story - His story.

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