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August 2, 2014

What If

The planner in me has a tendency to always look forward to the next moment.  The next big thing, the next milestone, the next anything.  Something the Lord has been showing me this year is how important the things are that are happening right now.  

All too often, there's the train of thought that the Lord is using what's around us and what we're currently doing to prepare us for the "next big thing".  It looks different for everyone.  Maybe it's a move, a job promotion, to become parents, a break in your writing/acting/singing career, to get married, etc, etc, etc.  

But what if you are inside of the moments that He has created you for right now?  
Filing those papers, wiping that nose, studying for that test, being single, homeschooling your children, being let go...what if? 
What if each of those things ARE the "next big thing"?  
What if you never see the bigger picture?  
What if you never get the applause or spotlight?
What if things never turn out the way you always imagined they would?

Even if all of those things are true - it doesn't change who He is.

Shouldn't we be living this moment...this one...right now for His glory?  
Isn't that what we were created for?  

Wouldn't that change our outlook on the mundane things that we consider so routine? 
We do not know how He is working, how He is weaving every detail together to make His name famous.  Even if everything appears to be falling apart and is so different from what we imagined.

All things work together for good, for those who are called according to HIS purposes.

If His timing is perfect then that means where we are right now is for a reason.  There should be no regret or longing over what we thought a season should look like in our life.  What if His plans are perfect?  What if His thoughts are higher than our thoughts?  What if He wants you doing what you're doing right now for a purpose?

What if it looks like ______?

Even if.

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