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August 14, 2014

Lyllian Abigail - 8 months

Sweet baby girl,
   You are changing so fast!  Time is flying by and you are looking less and less like a little baby.  You are such a content and happy baby.  You love being with people or playing by yourself.  You have started talking more and I think we can officially say that your first word is "da da da da" - which of course makes your daddy happy!
While you are eating solids 3x a day at mealtimes, your favorite thing is to eat snack puffs.  You've figured out how to grab them and put them in your mouth & you think that's the neatest thing ever.  You'll hit your highchair with both of your hands and "talk" to us when you want some more.  You like the idea of a sippy cup - you've learned to pick it up yourself and chew on the sippy part but you are not a big fan of juice.  For a while you only would eat veggies but this month you have started enjoying apples, banannas, and pears - but you do NOT like peaches!!
You can sit unassisted for a long time - if you start to lose your balance you can "right" yourself again.  You flip over so quickly when you want to get to something, and if you are on your back - your toes go immediately to your mouth.  
 This month you weigh 16 lbs 3 oz (28th percentile) and are 27.5 in long (71st percentile).  You are still wearing 6 month clothes and a few 6-9 months.  We have gotten on a 4 hour schedule during the day and you are sleeping 6pm - 630am every night.  I tried to make your bedtime later but you still woke up at the same time each morning.  I guess you're just not a night owl like your big sister!  
 You have had 2 more teeth start poking through on the top this month and they have given you fits for sure!  Thankfully, you've still been able to sleep well and just wanted a few extra cuddles during the day which we're happy to give!  Anytime someone is around you, they comment about what a happy baby you are.  You give the biggest smiles and giggles all day long.
While you have started crying when I walk out of a room, you reserve your biggest smiles for when you see your daddy and your deepest laughs for Ryleigh.  This month you have really enjoyed playing in your pack and play - you'll sit in there and play with your toys for 30 minutes or so in the mornings.  Your favorites right now are Sophia the giraffee, books, pacifier (to chew on), a colorful rattle, and anything that's Ryleigh's!!
 You love storytime in your rocking chair, playing peek-a-boo with daddy, and standing on your tiptoes.  You have started grasping the top part of your playmat and pulling yourself up to your knees using that or anything else nearby.
 I love you so much Miss Lyllian Abigail and I am so thankful for the past 8 months of joy you have brought!  You are such a gift!!

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