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May 27, 2013

Reflections part 1

We're home.  After almost 26 years in the States, it's slightly odd to refer to somewhere else as home.  While with our families in MS, I felt "at home"...we were around people who have known us for many different seasons in our lives instead of just this one.  It felt good to tell old stories, laugh at old jokes, and just love and be loved on (all in English might I add).  At the same time, there was this part of our hearts that was longing to be back in Tulear (if you've been here you might understand what an odd statement that is!).  We were a little homesick.  Now that we're back in Tulear, our hearts are still a little "homesick" for the family that we left behind.

A few months ago, my mom said this to me, "Nickolee, we're always going to be homesick no matter where we live, because our hearts are ready for our true Home".  I loved that.  From that God has shown me that my "home" is wherever He leads me at that moment...because ultimately He is in control and one day He will lead me to my final Home in glory.  So, if He's taking me there one day, I think trusting Him to show me where temporary homes are here on this earth is a good decision.
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I do, however, need to be honest.  While I know this is true - it didn't stop the tears.  It didn't stop me from grieving the losses (however worldly or temporary they are).  Thankfully, I can grieve and still have Hope.  Hope Eternal - Praise the Lord!  I can cry and know that His grace is sufficient.  I can rest in knowing that my emotions are temporary and He is my Everlasting Refuge.

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