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March 15, 2014

Lyllian ~ 3 months

Miss Lyllian,
You are three months old already!  Time with you is flying by!  You are growing so fast, I don't think anyone would ever guess you were 5 1/2 weeks early!  The Lord is beyond gracious in caring for our family!
This month you have started turning your head until you can see us and then you normally break out into a smile - which of course all of us love!  You can coo, blow bubbles, and laugh out loud.  Your laugh makes me laugh because of how much you move your whole body when you do so!
You have gotten on a great schedule (which I was wondering about for a little while!).  You are eating every 3 1/2 hours during the day, cluster feeding right before bed, & then you wake up around 3am to eat once during the night.  Most days you have sweet & fun awake time and then go right to sleep all on your own.  I have to admit that some days I hold you and rock you anyway...just because you're not going to be this little for too long!
You have found your hands this month and you adore examining them.  Your legs are going to be super strong if how often you kick them is any indication!
Your big sister is still your biggest fan.  She loves singing to you, holding you, & performing for you.  She would smother you with kisses & hugs if we left her alone with you.  I think you must like her too because I've never seen you not give her a smile when she's around.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your momma - I love you Lyllian Abigail!

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