Where Would You Like To Go?

March 5, 2014


steve left for the bush this AM
solo mom of 2 for the first time
- remarkably different than mom of 1 just for the record -
lunch time came around and i grabbed the bread we got from the bakery just 2 days ago...
there was mold...lovely.
steve has the truck with him and it's 100 degrees outside - a little too warm to go walking with 2 kiddos in tow - so we improvised...
grateful for some peanut butter & crackers that dad brought over from the States a few weeks ago
thankful for the grapes that have miraculously been available in our local store this past week
& then Ryleigh threw in a muffin from breakfast for good measure :)
well rounded meals...right?!?!
hey - just keeping it real - open & honest on all types of days :)
and now to get all 3 of our naps coordinated to happen at the same time while throughly enjoying the AC that He has graciously provided for...yes, I think we will...

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