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March 10, 2014


There's something about blogging/typing/writing that I've never been quite able to put into words...however a sweet friend of mine from college put it into words quite beautifully...

"I have found throughout my life that when I'm writing, I feel better - I learn things about Jesus as I write, He speaks to me as I pop my fingers across the keyboard - and the more I write, the more I realize I have to write about. " - AliceClaire

It is so true for me as well!  Things connect and what He's been trying to teach me makes more sense as I put it into writing...so with that being said I know that something else He's leading me to do is write/blog/journal more.  I used to be oh so very faithful with it, and I've let it slide.  It somehow is very intimately connected to my walk with Him and I feel like I'm missing part of the joy of what He is teaching me by not writing about it and sometimes by not sharing it with others.

I read this in a devotion this past Wednesday,
"In the end, I hope this devotion is not so much about giving something up, but stepping into a greater calling. It is setting aside the fear of failure to grab hold of God’s calling on your life. Nothing worth doing will ever be easy. The best things are often the hardest things. The most meaningful things are often the most fearful things."

As a part of this season that leads up to Ressurrection Day, I am committing to writing more.  I know it will be a challenge but it's one I truly want to be able to accomplish.  Sometimes that writing may appear via the blog and sometimes it may be in my journal but either way I am confident it will help me grow closer to and focus more on my Savior and the sacrifice He has made.

I highly encourage you to check out AliceClaire's blog, when you get the chance.  She is a breath of fresh air and is amazingly talented with putting words to feelings...her love for the Lord & for life pour out of her blog and it's worth your time!

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