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May 14, 2014

My Love Language

On Mother's Day, Steve told me that he wanted to spend that afternoon taking pictures of his three girls.  I'm telling you that guy knows how to speak my love language!  Yes, I know "picture taking" may not be included in the "5 Love Language" book...BUT having a sweet picture of my girls or me with my girls goes a long way in my book!!  Here's a few of my favorites...thanks Steve!


  1. How very sweet! Looks like it was a special day:)

  2. Okay - my favorite is definitely the one where Ryles has her hand on her hip! Is she three going on thirteen or what? These are great pictures of three of my favorite girls! :)

  3. So very thoughtful! And these are sweet!! PRECIOUS!

  4. Beautiful pictures and I agree with Natalie - that pic is the best and Ryles has her attitude going on :)


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