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May 10, 2014


I smile. 
That's the first thing I do when thinking about my momma.  
There are days that that smile leads into some tears because of how much I miss her - 
being 1/2 a world away.
Then some of the time those tears are on the behalf of my girls though.  
If there is any woman in the world that I desire them to know & be known by - it's her.  
To know that flowers in a vase in her kitchen makes her happy and that she'd rather have a daylily from her yard or wildflowers off the road than any bought in a store.
To know that she literally gets on her knees or flat on the floor to pray for them, for us, for the world.
To know that a perfect day would involve 4 wheeler riding as a family.
To know that she wants a cold coke with her pancakes.
To know that she loves to travel to new places.
To know that once she wakes up she can rarely fall back asleep - no matter how early it is.
To know that Pillsbury peanut butter cookies are the only kind worth eating. 
To know that she'd rather be outside enjoying His creation.
To know that she not only spends time in His word but that she also spends time living it out.
There is much that I desire to teach my girls about my momma but the most important would be that she would be okay if they forget all of the above as long as they fall in love with her Savior.

If I've learned anything from her, that would be it.  We love one another because He first loved us.
I am thankful to have had/still have such a marvelous example of doing just that - loving well.

I love you, Momma - and am so grateful that He chose for me to be your daughter.  
Happy Mother's Day!

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