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May 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

Fridays on my blog are going to usually consist of a post that I took 5 minutes to write - no editing...just whatever comes out when given a word to write about...
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We only packed her favorites...just a few things that we knew she'd ask about once we were away from home.  There's Lamby & Stuffy from her current favorite TV show...that she's actually never seen on a TV...and of course her Frozen figurines.  Somehow those 8 items create a mess...at least 5x a day.  There are pieces of paper that are ponds, phonebooks that are steps up the mountain, and rugs from all over the apartment that serve as grass, a pool, and anything else she can come up with.
The struggle is real to not clean it up every time I see it...or to ask her to.  
It's a tug-of-war to choose to see it and smile.  
It's a lot more fun to ask her questions about what she's doing then to keep reminding her where each item is supposed to go.
Maybe the mess is a gift.
One day she won't think it's as fun to use that creative imagination of hers.
One day I won't step over toys no matter which way I turn.
One day I'll look in her room and wish for the mess.
So today, we're just going to embrace it.


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