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May 21, 2014

Grace Gifts

A little shy from a year of starting my gratitude journal, I recorded gift #1000.  Honestly, it took me too long to get there - I had a few weeks that I was not faithful in recording daily gifts.  However, He still has taught me much about His grace and the gifts that surround me on a daily basis.

It has been eye opening to slow down and recognize His grace around me.  The tiny things that are so often taken for granted that are truly quite "big" things.  The mundane, routine, gifts of life that I never batted an eye about but once I started searching...I sat in awe.

the little girl that wants to read a story right when I'm in the middle of doing paperwork

the dough that has to be made from scratch

how brightly the stars shine when the electricity is cut

the flowers that seem to always be in bloom

cries in the middle of the night

the washing machine

the Malagasy language

4 hours of consecutive sleep

running to greet daddy from coming home from the bush

the broken bench I sit on to study the Bible with Luxia

and the list can indeed go on and on

"All is grace" says Ann Voscamp, and I agree with her.  My cup really does "runneth over" even in the midst of the ugly beautiful gifts.

He is good.
God is good.
All the time.

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