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May 11, 2014

Just Being Mommy

Snowmen are built in our kitchen quite regularly.
Imaginary conversations telling dragons to disappear at night occur frequently.
Singing songs together in the car is a must.
Cooking "supper" while in the bathtub results in soapy tasting "cookies".
Dancing like Cinderella whenever the mood hits makes her eyes light up.
Creating "Valentines" weekly no matter if it's already October makes me smile.
Just being mommy.  

I can remember sitting in "big church" as a youth and seeing 3 & 4 year olds curled up asleep on their mom or dad's shoulder during the sermon and knowing I wanted that some day.  There was something so innocent & sweet about their quiet slumber on a Sunday morning.

The reality of that is that it's entirely too hot in Tulear for that to happen at church on a Sunday morning - but that's okay, He's been faithful to give me other grace gifts and times to snuggle.  But, please know, that it did not slip past me when the past several Sundays I've had one of my two girls in my arms during every church service.  I held on tight and cherished every moment while sitting in the cool South African sanctuary.

Just being mommy.

I do believe that motherhood is a gift & a blessing & a calling.  It's something that I could never be equipped for on my own - no matter my upbringing or how many books/blogs I've read.  It's His wisdom alone that gets me through each year, month, week, day, hour...
There's times that "mommy" is said one time, 47 times in a row...and I'd be lying if I said that I always handle those moments with grace.  But through His strength & love - grace moments are more frequent than not...and when that happens I know that He is the strength of my heart & my portion & I am grateful.  

Just being mommy...can only happen if I am 

just being in His presence even when that means purposely being awake when everyone else is sleeping.

just being present in the moment with those 2 gifts that call me by this name.

just being focused on teaching & demonstrating His grace, & forgiveness.

just being Love.

just being mommy.

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