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May 19, 2014

An Adventure 7 years in the making

Can't believe I met this guy 10 years ago this year...
Best friends in Clinton (our college town)
Plane rides to Maryland to visit him as he was serving as a youth minister

It seems like a lifetime ago and just yesterday all at the same time.  9 different jobs between the two of us, 4 national moves and 2 international ones, 4 foreign countries, and 2 beautiful baby girls later - you are still the one that I say "I Do" to.  
I do promise to put you second only to Christ.  
I do promise to be a lifelong learner when it comes to how best respect you. 
I do promise to love you all of my days.  
I do.

Here's a look at the past 7 years and praying that we are used for His glory in however many years we have left here on earth...

Most beautiful rehersal dinner ever

Honeymoon in British Columbia

Move to Ft Worth for Seminary
Thanksgiving on the beach (yes I had on a helmet!)

Weekends in Austin (looking forward to another this Fall!!)
Ft Worth nights with some of the most teriffic friends
Move back to Clinton 
loved sharing life with these 2 (and can't wait to do so again SOON!)
Appointment week in North Carolina
Became a family of THREE!
Moved to Madagascar

Welcomed Rock & Lhi Lhi to Madagascar
Moved to Tulear
Celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Zambia after our 40/40 training
Had Aunt Alanna stay with us for the summer

Had 2 mission teams & Grandma come to visit us in Tulear
Flew to the States to celebrate Chesney & Casey's wedding
Continue to live & serve alongside an amazing (yet, ever changing) family/team in Tulear
 We became a family of 4
and those are just the big things - our lives have been so filled with His grace gifts - every single day for far before we even met...beyond grateful to be on this adventure with you!
I love you so much Steve Roberts - Happy Anniversary!!

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