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October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

A look into our world this past week...

Ryleigh found 2 dolls made by churches in the States that were leftover from a trip last year to a nearby orphanage.  She immediately thought they were both hers.  After some explaining that they were dolls for other little girls, we decided to take a pousse ride to find a little girl to give one to.  Ryleigh spotted this little girl and climbed out of the pousse to give it to her.  Grateful for opportunities to share His love and teach Ryleigh about giving!

After almost a month, things are finally in their place in our new house - here's a picture of Ryleigh's "big girl" room!  Oh and Ryleigh picked out the paint for her room - but I'm a huge fan!

Steve had a small garden at our first home but it was mostly in random pots just to see what would grow.  After a good bit of success, he had room at this house to build a bigger garden...Ryleigh calls it hers though - guess we'll see how that goes!

And on the other side of the world, my Papaw - since March - has been in the hospital, hospice, and now an assisted living facility.  He even got to travel with my parents to a family reunion this past weekend!  My dad sent me a picture of Papaw sporting my Dad's sunglasses - it made me smile and I am overjoyed with how well he is doing!

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