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October 13, 2013

A Few Prayer Requests

There are a few things that come up sometimes that are not on our prayer calendar and we'd like to share those with you!

- This week, Steve, Grant, & Drew will be headed out to the bush for a few nights.  
·      Safety - I know we always ask you to pray for their safety on the roads and this trip is no different.  The roads are rough & dangerous all by themselves - throw in cattle thieves and our corrupt political situation here and the tension only rises.  Please pray for His protection, wisdom, & guidance in all decisions regarding their time during this trip.
·      Open Hearts - pray for any who may be in the villages who are not believers who come to listen to the Bible stories
·      Boldness - pray for the believers in the village that they will have boldness to reach out to those who do not come to these gatherings
·      Perseverance - pray for the villagers as they live in very harsh conditions

- October 25th - Election Day - We haven't mentioned this lately because it was supposed to happen back in July (and every year for the past 4 years) and continually is postponed.  However, it does appear that we will have an election later this month.  This will be the primaries with the election coming sometime in Dec.  There are 41 candidates that the Malagasy people will be voting between.
·      Peace - please pray for peaceful elections and peace following the election, no matter the outcome
·      Against Corruption - the government here is corrupt and there are many who believe an election in and of it self is a laughable matter
·      Madagascar as a country - there are many things that we can hope an election may "fix" but the truth is the only thing that can bring true hope to this island is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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