Where Would You Like To Go?

December 16, 2011


Care packages are always awesome but coming at Christmas time pretty much rocks!  This past week we have been so blessed by so many!
Jack & Tedder - Ryleigh thinks you'd enjoy playing in the boxes with her!
Park Place Ladies Sunday School thank you again for such a sweet box filled with goodies!  Ryleigh has already been intently watching her BabyFaith DVD Jana!
Vansant Baptist - where do we even start?  We've decided to call your boxes "treasure chests" since they really couldn't just be labled "boxes"!! As you can see Ryleigh was anxious to see what was for her :)
Yah for beach towels from Grangran & Grandma (how did we forget to crate those?!?!)
Oh and mom/dad & Jana....Steve's a little concerned about Ryleigh's facination with HIS poptarts...
Thanks to each of you - friends and family - you have made sure that this season, that can be a little more prone to homesickness than usual,quite full of joy.
We look forward to seeing some of your faces over here in Mada soon!

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