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December 12, 2011

Silent Night

I absolutely love Christmas music...I'd definitely listen to it year round if my husband approved!  We've come to an agreement that I can play it in the car as soon as Thanksgiving Day ends and it's something I definitely look forward to!  So, needless to say when we had our monthly evening English worship with the other M's here in Antsirabe, I was delighted when one suggested we  sing a Christmas song.  Probably one of the more popular ones was chosen and it's definitely a personal favorite - Silent Night.  No matter when this song comes into my head (even in June!) it calms my soul.  The words are beautiful and I feel like the Lord uses them to make me stop- to be still and be silent - simply dwelling in Who He is and what He has done.
However, that particular Sunday night, God used it to convict my heart.  With no disrespect to the song or the author of the lyrics, I totally get the song...I do - BUT this is what God was saying to my heart...

"A silent night...how does that make you feel?  Should the world have been silent as my Son was born?  Well, if you think not - then why are you so often silent?  How should you be reacting to the fact that I did indeed send my Son for you?  What's stopping you?  Fear? Pride? Apathy? Rise up my beloved!  Go forth and proclaim this Great News that I have given to you!  Stop focusing on the past today is a new day, forget the mistakes for they have been forgiven, my Son is alive today!  Reach out to those who are literally dying every day.  Go forth and tell!  Do not be SILENT!"

Hmmm...perhaps that's why since I was a little girl, my all time favorite has been "Go Tell it on the Mountain" :)

Those were His words not mine...how is He speaking to you during this special time of year?

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