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December 4, 2011

11 months of JOY!

Miss Ryleigh Elizabeth...what joy you bring to our lives! Today you weigh 19 lbs and are 28 3/4 inches long!
This past month included lots of 1sts, some of which include...trip to the ocean, trying ice cream, playing in sand, tasting coke,giving a high five, and making us love you even more with your sweet kisses!
You also have gotten more adventurous with your walking. You love cruising around your room holding onto the furniture. You rarely play in the living room floor anymore because you're too busy walking around holding onto the furniture.  Going to church has become much more of an adventure now that you love walking around. You are anxious to see every person on every pew (and of course checking out those cool bugs on the floor!)!!
The rainy season has definitely started and you are a fan...it's like splashing in the pool every afternoon!
You eat all the time and love finger foods no matter if they are veggies or Graham cracker sticks. You are also more than willing to share your food! Speaking of sharing, you break out into a grin if you pass us a toy you may be playing with BUT you also ALWAYS expect to get it back immediately or that grin may disappear!!
Perhaps our favorite thing from this past month is how you have started singing with us and on your own. You make the sweetest little sounds in a different tone than when you're "talking". It melts our hearts every time!
and on top of all of this it was probably 90 degrees during this photo shoot so needless to say...you were quite happy when we took this next one!
You are loved baby girl!!

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