Where Would You Like To Go?

December 10, 2011


As we drove the 13 hours down to Tulear, my heart could not help but be overwhelmed with the vast lostness that surrounded us.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people who have never even heard the name of Jesus...how can that not break your heart?  We would drive through these gorgeous plains that would suddenly have a majestic mountain in the backdrop and all I wanted to do was climb the mountain and shout out for all to hear that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He desires to have a personal relationship with them.  However, so much is stopping me from doing that right now.  There are numerous language and cultural barriers here.  We know this is where we are called to and we are anxious to share about what the Lord has done in our lives with those around us.  But no matter how passionate I may be about wanting to share - I'm so very limited.  Even after months of language study, I still fall short of being able to effectively communicate the gospel. 

This line of thinking made me think about the past 26 years I have spent in the States.  Did I have this same passion to tell others about Him?  What stopped me?  Were there cultural barriers? Perhaps in certain situations.  Were there language barriers?  More than likely not.  So what was it?  I don't know that I have the answers, minus the fact that we have a powerful enemy who does everything in his power to keep the Truth from being spread.

So today, I want to ask you - are there barriers in your life that are keeping you from sharing who Christ is to those around you?  What's keeping you from making sure that He gets all of the glory He deserves?  Our Lord is worthy of every single person proclaming Him alone as God.  Are you doing your part?

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