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August 3, 2013

Lyllian Abigail

In case you missed this cutie and her video announcement...
We found out this past week, while I was in Johannesburg for a few medical appointments, that we are expecting our 2nd baby girl!  Ryleigh can say "Lyllian" instead of just "Lily" but of course the one time we did the video she didn't!  Lyllian means "pure" and Abigail means "fountain of joy".

Some of you have asked what the logistics are of having a baby here in Madagascar and the answer to that is that we won't.  Ryleigh and I will fly to Johannesburg at about 35 weeks (around December 15th) and my mom is hopefully meeting us there shortly after that date.  Steve will join us sometime in January (hopefully) before Lyllian is born and then we will all be together for about a month - going to dr appointments, getting a passport & visa, etc - before traveling back to Tulear.

We are very excited and thankful for this opportunity to be parents again to a little girl.  Ryleigh is ecstatic and continually telling me everything she & Lyllian will do together.  We value your prayers throughout the remainder of this pregnancy and as we travel again in December.


  1. Awwwww.... another precious little girl! Congrats! And I love the name.

  2. Congratulations! I found your site through the MS Women Bloggers site and am so glad I did! I lived in East Africa for a couple of years as a Journeyman and love all things Africa and missions related. So glad to meet you!

    1. Thanks @MississippiMom ! Very cool connection - looking forward to reading your blog as well!


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