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May 1, 2011

Our VA Home

We've completed our 1st week of FPO and although a little tired, completely enthusastic about all the Lord is doing.  Several of you have sent texts and emails letting us know of your prayers - we appreciate them greatly!!  We're in sessions from around 8 every morning till about 4 in the afternoon.  These sessions are being led by incredible leadership and we have loved being under His teaching through each of them.  Our schedules are full with sessions, outside assignments, exercise, family time, and small group time!  We are living with families who will also be serving in the Sub Sahara Africa region of the world.  I'm sure the bonds we have already formed are just a glimpse of the friendships that will grow over the next few weeks and years.  We've had our share of some crazy weather here this past week, but have enjoyed a beautiful weekend.  Our campus is laid out with some great walking paths and we have taken full advantage of them!  Saturday greeted us with sunshine, wind, and a perfect 70 degree day.  Ryleigh is thoroughly enjoying all the trips in her stroller!!

Here's our view from the front door of our quad.

What's a quad you may ask?  It's our living arrangements while on campus.  The front door opens to a "great room".  There are then 5 individual doors that lead into small apartments of sorts.  We have a kitchenette/dining area, bedroom, bath, and laundry.  The campus is set up so that we really have no reason to leave during our stay, with the exception of an occasional trip to Wal-Mart!  Ryleigh's childcare, the cafeteria, gym, quads, and classrooms are all within walking distance of each other.

On Sundays, we are learning how to do a home church within our quads, since more than likely that's the type of church we'll have once overseas.  As you can tell, Ryleigh was very excited about this!

So although these posts may not come as regularly, please know that we value your prayers.  We'll be using this time to hopefully start some new routines that we will carry onto the field.  Please pray that we will be teachable and retain the knowledge He is giving us.  Love you guys!!

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  1. Loved everything about MLC, the quads, etc. The fellowship is amazing and the teaching is great (though all I experienced was that given to the kids). You will learn lots.


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