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May 7, 2011

Moms for which I am thankful :)

Don't worry - this will not be a comprehensive list - just highlighting two of the best!

First and foremost is this amazing and beautiful (inside and out) woman, whom I have had the privilege of being the daughter of for almost 26 years ~

Words fail in trying to describe the mother she has been.  Her number one priority is for us to have a daily walk with our Savior.  She spends time praying for us daily...this is not actually a picture of her praying but it's sweet anyway :)
No matter what else is going on, she is going to have her family at the forefront of her mind.  My mom is an encourager, a prayer warrior,and a servant who serves the Lord by frequently serving others.  The best thing?  She'd probably say that she's none of the previously mentioned, but that she does desire to be.  One way you know she's always thinking of her girls?  Because she's the mom who will probably always buy cute things in "3s" :)
She has taught me not only to be a faithful daughter to the King, but also how to be a fantastic mom and a supportive wife. (aren't they cute even after almost 29 years?)
She's always taught me to not desire to be like her but to only long to model the Father.  For that I am thankful but I still greatly appreciate and admire her dedication to the Lord as my momma!  I love you!!

Now, this lady has only been in my life for the past 6 years.

  However, I'm very thankful for the past 30 years that she has spent as a mother to my husband.  I am aware of how influential moms are and thankful for the way she chose to raise hers. Karen raised a boy to grow in the Lord and I couldn't ask for a more perfect example of Christ's love for the church than I have in Steve.  I know that Steve follows as the Lord directs but am grateful for a mother that steered him in that direction!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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